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12" Mother Overlay

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This clear overlay is printed with the definition for Mother, which you can position to read across the top or along either side of your layout. Simply place the overlay on top of your background paper, sliding it into your page protector. No adhesive is necessary since your page protector will hold it in place! Of course, you can also attach the overlay with brads or eyelets. The overlay is true 12"x12" to fit your page perfectly. You can use the full sheet or cut off the printed portion. Just remove the cut-off strip and youre ready to go! Perfect for feminine or Mother's Day layouts.

Hot Off The Press

Paper Pizazz overlays have no acid nor do they have any PVC, so they are photo safe. Of course, not being paper, lignin is not an issue so they are also lignin free. These are not actually acetate, according to the printer they are "oriented polyester."